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Winter Feeding at HiveFive Apiary in Tappahannock, VA

Feeder Shim


You can use 1x2's from your local lumber store. I cut an old med box into three shims.

Ventilation Holes


I like to drill a few 1/4" holes at an angle in the shim for some added ventilation. If the bees think you overdid it, the'll just fill them with propolis.

Newspaper barrier


Lay a peice of newspaper on the frames and place the shim.

Adding Sugar


Pour about four or five pounds of sugar right onto the newspaper and spray lightly with some water.



This is a little different shim with a wire bottom.

Seal up large air gaps


Since I popped the tops on the hives after the bees had sealed them up  I repaired  my damage with a little latex caulk.