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Beekeeping, 2019 Honey Bees and Nucleus Hives Bees in Tappahannock

2019 2 & 3 LB packages with queen, Nucleus Hives, Queens

We are currently taking orders for 2  & 3 LB packages of Honey Bees with a caged queen and Nucleus Hives.Bee packages will be arriving in early April. Nucleus hives will be available after May.

Pick-up only, in Tappahannock, VA

2 LB package with queen $115.00 SOLD OUT

3 LB package with queen  $130.00 SOLD OUT


2019 Nucs will be available around the end of May or early June then thughout the year.

5 Frame med nuc $165.00 sold out

5 Frame deep nuc. & 175.00 sold out


Queens - Comming Soon!

Please email early! Packages must be ordered by Jan 1st to get these prices. 

Please send us an email and we will send you a PayPal invoice for prepayment.